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Pet Comb Grooming Tool

  • Item Type: Brushes

  • Material: Stainless Steel, ABS

  • Feature 1: Self Cleaning

  • Feature 2: Ergonomic Handle

  • Suits: Long hair and short hair kittens or dogs

  • 【Slicker Brush for Pets】 Covered with fine bent wires, our pet brush safely cuts through your pet's topcoat and gets to his undercoat, catching and eliminating loose, dead hairs before they fly off and end up on your couch. Suitable for Long or Short Hair dogs and cats.

  • 【Massage Tool】 Helps remove tangles and matted hair to keep your pal’s skin and coat healthy and manageable, makes your pet's fur clean and shiny.

  • 【Quick Release Button】The slicker brush features a self-cleaning button that instantly releases dead fur without needing to pull it out, it's really easy to clean.

  • 【Ergonomic Handle Design】Non-slip silicone & extended reinforced handle for extra comfort and control, won’t tire out your hands.