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Electric Dog Flea

  • COMFORT CHARGE TECH: reaches deep in your pet's coat, finds the fleas, kills & stuns them, and removes them from your pet.
  • SAFELY REMOVES FLEAS: remove fleas from your cat or dog
  • EASY TO USE: just comb it through your pet's fur - Flea Doctor releases a slight electric charge that stuns & kills fleas.
  • INSTANT RESULTS: results can be seen right before your eyes; discard dead or stunned fleas right into the garbage can.
  • INCLUDED: one (1) Flea Doctor electric flea comb.

Included: 1 X Pet Anti Flea Product
Battery: 2 X AA batteries (Without battery)
Uses: Pet Anti Flea
Function: Pet tick eliminator
Dog Comb: Pet Flea Lice Cleaner
Dog Flea Brush: Dog Anti Flea Comb
Type: Dogs
Material: Plastic