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Fast Drying Towel

  • Our Dog Towel is unique, as it's made with a higher density 400gsm Microfiber. The 400gsm makes the Snuggly Dog Towel, the Highest Quality, Luxuriously Soft, Maximum Water Absorbent Dog Bath Towel you can buy.
  • The Easy Wear Dog Towel Stays on Until Dry. Prevents Rapid Cooling,Keeps Furniture & Car Interior Dry.
  • Includes A Free Soft Wrap Around Belt with Purchase. Adds Versatility, use as a Dog Towel or a Warm Plush Dog Bathrobe. A $10 Value!
  • Features an Adjustable Neck Toggle and Button with Elastic Loop to Secure Towel Around Their Tail.
  • Order Yours Today, 100% Money Back Guarantee You'll Love It!


Product description:

Color:Blue  |  Size:Medium

The Snuggly Dog is a versatile dog drying towel that wears like a warm plush dog robe. This easy wear dog bath towel is made with 400gsm microfiber material for a superior water absorbent dog towel that dries your dog's coat off quickly..
This easy wear dog towel stays on until dry. Features an adjustable neck toggle and button with elastic loop to secure it around the tail. 
Now comes with a soft wrap around microfiber belt. Unlike other dog towels, you can truly wrap your dog up in the Snuggly Dog bathrobe towel. The belt secures it to cover up their underbelly to keep them warm and prevent rapid cooling from their wet coat. 
You'll like the ease of slipping it on and knowing your dog is comfortable and warm and will be dried off in no time! No water on the walls, furniture, car seat, or you! 
This Microfibre dog towel is very convenient to use for any time you need to dry off your dog, after a bath, a walk in the rain or a day at the lake. Works for all dog breeds and coats. 
The Snuggly Dog microfiber towel has a density of 400 grams per square meter, making it the softest, moisture absorbent dog or pet towel on the market. Similar towels are 260-320gsm 
The Snuggly Dog towel is great for dog grooming, dog baths, dog shows, or for just good plain get wet fun! 
Hand wash or machine wash on delicate cycle. Air dry, no fabric softener or dryer. 
Microfiber 400gsm Fabric 100% polyester 
Clarence tested and approved!